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C.A.M. Consorzio Autocisternisti Mestre(The Mestre Tanker Consortium) specialises in road transport of dangerous goods (ADR) – chemical, oil and petrochemical products - and non-dangerous liquid merchandise in Italy and abroad, a sector in which it has operated for the past 50 years.

Today the group has over 60 associate mono and multi-vehicle companies, with 140 tankers and semitrailer container wagons with a turnover of almost 20 million Euros from leading chemical and oil companies. 

C.A.M. transport activity also involves routing services for important oil companies that are carried out at its headquarters in Via Monzani n° 9 in Marghera, Venice, where the administrative offices are also based. 

These provide our associate companies with services such as

•Transport invoicing


•Agreement for the purchase of fuel, mobile phones, motorway tolls and equipment. 


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1959-2009: The Consortium celebrates its 50th anniversary.  

“course carried out at the Headquarters with visual perception checks carried out at headquarters as part of the FederTrasporti Group project “With a View to Safety”

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